Ubigel (Ubigenine), the innovation in ObGyn

Ten years of R&D and regulatory work in the regenerative space ended-up with novel medical devices for underserved, or plenty unmet WH’s disorders. 
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Multifarious trophic activities by Ubigenine released at ultra-low levels from SMC.

The sustained-release mode enacts multifarious patterns, which prompt cell reprogramming and tissue remodeling. 

Ubigenine works in epigenetic modifications wherein, besides autophagy, it stabilizes cell-to cell layers by enhanced adherens and tight junctions, as expression of occludin-1 and E-cadherin occurs under its control.

Improved-barrier effect relies upon Ubigenine agonism on phosphatase TCPTP  (T-Cell Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase). 


In open label clinical study, vulvodynia sufferering women were treated with Ubigel. Enrolled patients belong either to primary (idiopathic) or secondary (provoked) vulvodynia. Several women displayed hypertonic pelvic dysfunctioning, i.e. the typical neuromuscular contraction associated to the daylong painful experience of allopathic signaling. Ubigel in optimized formula provided consistent performance: observed 3-monts relapse projects two therapeutic cycles per year.


Ubigel rescued atrophic mucosa in post-menopausal women in clinical case series. The positive outcomes could descend from the combined activities ofcell maturation, trans-epithelial barrier reinforcement by TCPTP activation, and cell rejuvenation via autophagy.Amelioration of objective signs during clinical visits (Vaginal Health Index, VHI) afforded a steady pattern of recovery, as Ubigel improved the subjective symptoms from a mean value of 5 at baseline to 1.6 at treatment end, full recovery at week 6.


Ubigel uro is a potential breakthrough treatment for Stress Urinary incontinence (SUI). While SUI is the prevalent form of incontinence in women, there are no pharmacology treatments available. Preliminary efficacy assessed a protocol consisting of: 4 weeks at 3 doses/wkfollowed by 4+4 weeks at 2 doses/wk, with a rest lag time. Progressive relapse and decreased frequency and intensity of urine loss ended up with partial remission, attained at the 3° cycle. 


Half of the infertility links to serious untreatable systemic or local disorders, often demanding surgical intervention, hormonal therapies or ART, denoted in the upper dark-blue area. Instead, ‘unxeplained’infertilty may be linked to the poor semen quality (oligospermia) or quantity (hypospermia), often combined with unfavorable environment within vagina-cervix mucosae and mucus as in endometriosis, bottom red area. Ubigel xtender used on intercourse activates and expand sperm volume along with its protection during the run toward the oocyte, amid the spontaneous fertilization