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Regenerative Therapeutics


Discovery platform to develop metabolic therapeutics to treat immuno-aging and trauma diseases

About Us



Tixupharma is an innovative drug and medical device company based in Milan, established in 2013 as academic spin-out and consolidated in 2019 to pioneer the regenerative medicine space by leveraging emerging strategy in traumatic and age-related diseases to activate untapped regenerative and immuno-shielding patterns.

The team and partners of Tixupharma combines multidisciplinary expertise including drug discovery, clinical trials, regulatory and IP, industrial operations and business development.




Worldwide, millions of people suffer from traumatic or chronic unmet degenerative diseases requiring effective therapeutics.


Our mission is to develop first-in-class such therapeutics to treat immunoaging and traumatic diseases by leveraging metabolic driving-forces.

Regenerative Therapeutics pipeline

We’re building a pipeline on the understanding to exploit autocrine signaling pathways, and advance our core therapeutics.

Through the combined drug discovery and medical device strategy, we continue to evolve into the areas of regenerative medicine with highest unmet needs and opportunities.

Our main therapeutics are the treatment of Women's Genitourinary disorders ('Ubigel') and Muscoloskeletal ('Epitrol') disorders. Next assets refer to vascular-neurotrophic utility in Ophthalmology ('Troflo') and early stage cerebrovascular therapy ('Relinca').

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