Medical innovation through high-impact metabolic modifiers 

Regenerative therapeutics

Epigel (TP7193)
Therapies in Join Diseases


IThe joint diseases Osteoarthritis (OA) and Tendinopathies are still in search of efficient pharmacologic treatments.  TP7193 is an emerging disease-modifier drug outperforming in widespread medical needs. Possible spin-out is pursued for clinical PProof-of-Conept on major indications.

Ubigel line 
Innovation in ObGyn, and more


Ten years of experimental and regulatory works on the regenerative space ended-up with innovative medical devices for poorly met WH’s disorders.

Partners are sought since limited investments will enable the marketing expansion to generate significant therapeutic and financial values.   

Iron homeostasis modifiers
Novel approaches via Fe-modulation

Research on Iron pharmacology produced at least a ready-to-market product (Fextract) presently under negotiation.

Iron modulation end-up with favorable outcomes in skin and gastrointestinal tissues, inter-alia. Nonetheless, this pipeline could be divested to refocus on other regenerative therapies


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