Medical innovation through high-impact metabolic modifiers 

Regenerative therapeutics

Epitrol (TP7193)
Therapies in Join Diseases


The joint diseases Osteoarthritis (OA) and Tendinopathies are 

still in search of efficient pharmacologic treatments.  

TP7193 is an emerging disease-modifier drug outperforming in these widespread medical needs. 

Possible spin-out is pursued to attain the clinical Proof-of-Concept on major indications.

Relinca (TP7193)
Treatment of Dementia


Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) may be treated by a targeted approach to the neurovascular unit. AD and vascular dementiae have 

no therapeutic options  presently available.

TP7193 is designed as delivery-optimized, disease-modifying candidate 

to prevent or rescue the neurovascular derangement in dementia patients. 

Ubigel line 
Innovation in UroGyn


Ten years of experimental and regulatory works on the regenerative space ended-up with innovative medical devices for poorly met WH’s disorders.

Partners are sought since limited investments will enable the marketing expansion to generate significant therapeutic and financial values.   

Iron modifiers
Therapies of Fe-modulation

Research on Iron pharmacology in the afforded new products for niche markets. 

Fextract is iron-free treatment of IDA for subject intolerant or non-respondent to oral iron.

Poxia is a validated therapy for skin micorhemorragies, bruises and pre-ulcerative skin as in diabetic foot. Partnership or TT are sought. 

Tixupharma in brief

Founded in 2013 by Carlo Ghisalberti, Tixupharma holds the goal to develop novel therapies in the chronic-degenerative space.

Tixupharma has operated via open-source model within Dept. of Biomed Science for Health at the University of Milan and external institutions on new medicines for underserved, or even fully unmet, medical needs. 

A state-of-art platform based on epigenetic (autocrine) molecule and its clinical application for several chronic disorders, aims at becoming the next REGENERATIVE THERAPEUTICS: Ubigel in ObGyn, Epitrol in Joint Diseases; Relinca in Dementia.


Joint diseases is a primary asset. Osteoarthritis (OA) and Tendinopathies (TP) are indeed still in search of efficient pharmacology. TP7193 is a candidate disease-modifying OA drug (DMOAD) and TP therapeutic by fast-acting (2-4 weeks) in discontinuous dose  

Historical experience in Iron chemistry and related niche therapies, IRON HOMEOSTASIS MODIFIERS, Iron Deficiency Anemia and next

The R&D assets span from concepts to ready-to-market medicines, grounded on a robust IP plus regulatory package.



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